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6/1, Pjatnickaja
8 (495) 953-39-92
About us

It is very interesting for us to revive old traditions, as well as to create new ones. Punch & Judy is legendary heritage, which lives today in every English-speaking corner of the earth: England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, USA and South Africa. The traditional street puppet theater, arisen in the 17th century, found its place in Moscow. We created a pub with the theater stage and cabaret in the center Russian capital.

Its interior decoration was developed and completed by Irish designers and architects.  In here each wall was painted by skilled craftsmen. For this reason, we could not just print the menu: you will be served Punch & Judy magazine with artist’s illustration on every page, handmade designed in that antique style.

12 April, friday, 21:00
19 April, friday, 21:00
26 April, friday, 21:00
Novokuzneckaja, Tret'jakovskaja
Moscow, Pjatnickaja 6/1
8 (495) 953-39-92
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